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BMW project

Platform: Adobe InDesign
BMW imager.jpg

Below is a concept for a feature magazine following the release of the BMW i3 and i8. A combination of compelling visuals supported by journalist reviews allowed me to portray BMW as a leader in innovation through these two vehicles. The objective of this particular project was to showcase my personal ability and my passion for cars, in tandem with the car company's production futuristic outlook. 

BMW color scheme.jpg
BMW exterior.jpg
BMW draft.jpg

The BMW Project is an amalgamation of my admiration for BMW and creating a magazine layout. Through InDesign, I was able to construct the ideal BMW feature that gives the audience some perspective into the future of the car company. In 2014 BMW released the i3 and the i8, I wanted to capture their magnificence in a way that would reflect my personal skillset. 

BMW page 1.jpg
Bmw page 2.jpg
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